7 Free Apps and Platforms to Learn Something New During Lockdown

This is a list of 7 apps and platform that you can use to learn something new during Lockdown

In this period of general lockdown, we certainly have no shortage of free time. But let’s face it, how much time do we waste every day in front of our phone or PC screens, without getting anything useful out of it? The hours spent with our smartphones could, however, be easily transformed into learning moments. Today we want to recommend 7 free apps and platforms that will teach you something new.

Udemy and HubSpot Academy

Udemy is a platform that offers free courses for everyone who wants to try something new. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on the latest digital innovations or simply learn how to take great photos, you’ll find plenty of interesting ideas here. Similarly, HubSpot Academy is the best way to learn about Inbound Marketing and Sales. In fact, the mission of this platform is to transform the way people or businesses grow and manage their skills.


If you’ve always dreamed of speaking a foreign language fluently, now is the time to take your first steps and learn the basics. Duolingo is an app that, with just a few minutes of lessons a day, guides you in learning a foreign language, dividing the training into multiple levels, and offering a personalized teaching style.


Yousician is the new tool that allows you to learn music and its languages. It’s not the usual textbook or textbook, but a music application to improve your mastery of playing instruments. From piano to guitar, from bass to ukulele, thanks to Yousician even the most inexperienced musician can become a master.

TED Talks

TED Talks are US conferences in which speakers and guests discuss a wide range of topics, from technology to literature. The poetics of TED Talks is encapsulated in the formula “Ideas worth spreading”, which is why the people who usually take the stage are those who have had extraordinary experiences and want to share what they have learned with the audience. This is why they are extremely useful for learning about topics that interest us and for deepening what we don’t know.

Speed Reading

Have you always dreamed of reading more but never find the time to do it? Speed Reading teaches you the technique of speed reading, to devour books in half the time it takes you to read.

The app is free and includes a series of techniques that will allow you to finish a book in no time, allowing you to learn more and be more efficient at work.


Staying on the topic of books, Blinkist is a service that allows you to have a large collection of texts on your smartphone. What sets it apart from other similar applications is that, instead of providing books in their entirety, it presents you only with the essential concepts, allowing you to assimilate the main concepts in just a few minutes. It is basically a collection of summaries of texts and essays from various disciplines (science, business, psychology, health, entrepreneurship, history, society) each readable in 15 or 20 minutes.


Learning to code can be fun and easy. Master programming in languages like HTML, JavaScript, and Python and start turning your ideas into apps, games, and websites. Mimo creates your personalized learning path with small exercises that fit into your daily routine and keep you motivated.

Even schools have decided to venture into the world of hi-tech to help kids speed up this phase. But technology is also great for those who have left school for a long time now. These were just a few of the many apps that can help us learn something new.