Advertisements that made history in the LGBT movement

Advertising has always shown products and services to people in situations and circumstances familiar to the target audience.

Advertising has always shown products and services to people in situations and circumstances familiar to the target audience.

A happy family consisting of a mom, dad, son, and daughter happily eating biscuits during breakfast, women showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of a cleaning product, and men riding imposing motorcycles to highlight the incredible potential of the vehicle.

But something has changed in recent times.

If before showing something “different” could be dangerous or risky, now it’s no longer the case!

Especially major brands have decided to come out openly and propose a promotional image in line with their philosophy: everyone must be included.

Advertising can be a very powerful means to address social issues and prejudices.

Below, we analyze some commercials and billboards that over the years have supported the LGBT community.

Benetton’s Provocation against Discrimination and HIV – 1989-1991

One of the first LGBT advertisements we remember in history is from the Benetton brand, a clothing brand that has always offered provocative communication by including models of different ethnicities and genders in its campaigns.

The poster below is part of a campaign promoted in the late ’80s.

In this campaign, Benetton wanted to convey various messages beyond homosexuality and differences in ethnicity.

Among the main images, we find that of two women, one white and one of color, holding an Asian baby in their arms.

Another very strong image launched in the same campaign featured rainbow-colored condoms composing the logo of the ’91 Olympics.

Rainbow Love for Ikea – 1994

Ikea’s commercials are famous worldwide for leaving something within us, whether it be a feeling of happiness, sweetness, or nostalgia.

In ’94, Ikea wanted to express its opinion by airing a television commercial, showing a gay couple selecting the most suitable table for their home.

Ikea managed to show the naturalness of the couple, eliminating any possibility of judgment or possible shock from its audience.

The couple’s attitude is that of all couples who experience the “excitement” of making their love nest even more beautiful and welcoming, without excessive behaviors from interior design professionals.

McDonald’s Like Mom – 2010

In 2010, the fast-food giant launched a very important message to engage its entire audience: “Mc is like mom and loves you just the way you are”.

In this case too, there were many contrasting opinions, but McDonald’s managed to involve consumers by making them feel an integral part of its big family.

Freedom for Ikea – 2011

Despite the years passing, Ikea continues to aim to remove barriers and include everyone.

In 2011, the Swedish brand launched a television commercial with a strong message of freedom, showing the various possibilities that the world offers us.

It’s time to say enough.

A Colorful Surprise for Findus – 2014

We see a family situation where the son invites his parents to dinner to introduce them to his new roommate.

Dinner is full of new Findus surprises, which launches the spot to promote new recipes in their proposals.

At the end of the spot, Findus comes out, sending a very important message between the lines: don’t be afraid to be yourself, the people who really matter will love you anyway… and mom is always mom!

A Love Dream signed by Tiffany – 2015

In 2015, Tiffany, a well-known jewelry brand, created a romantic spot to promote its engagement ring line.

This time, however, the renowned brand decided to promote itself in an all-new way: the advertisement features an LGBT couple.

This choice sparked much debate among Tiffany’s audience, now accustomed to a very traditional communication that prominently featured heterosexual couples.

Tiffany decided to “sanctify” the view of same-sex marriage.

Traditional Gay Marriage – Renault

When it comes to cars, we usually think of very masculine and virile images or commercials that showcase breathtaking views.

Renault decided to step out of the norm and sponsor its Twingo by celebrating a traditional gay marriage.

In the commercial, we see a daughter accompanying her father to the altar with happiness in her eyes because he is finally realizing his dream: marrying the man he loves and sharing life with him.

Be True to Your Pleasure Magnum – 2015

Magnum has accustomed its target audience to very sensual advertisements in which its ice creams are savored with great taste.

The spot we saw in 2015 was no exception… albeit with a small modification.

The commercial features some very sensual women enjoying a Magnum ice cream, but appearances can be deceiving.

In fact, when it comes to close-up shots of their faces, it’s revealed that the women are actually transgender.

Magnum wanted to express its support not only for homosexuality but also for all the rights of every individual.