Have influencers always existed?

Today, the term “influencer” is on everyone’s lips, with some arguing that this phenomenon is growing strongly and others thinking it’s a fictitious job.

10 Video Games to Forget

Video games have now become a full-fledged part of the entertainment market, moving significant budgets and masses, but what are the 10 video games to forget? Here, for you, is a selection of the 10 video games to forget!

Deepfake: When the Body Becomes a Danger

Many of us, a few months ago, may have been astonished and laughed at the video where Jim Carrey replaced Jack Nicholson in some scenes of the famous film The Shining.

Stranger Things: Marketing and Communication Strategy

On May 27, 2022, Volume 1 of the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things was released in Italy. The fact that the science fiction series is so extensively talked about these days is no coincidence. Netflix has indeed been very active in trying to build hype around the new season of Stranger Things, and […]