Women Who Know How to Communicate

Many women in recent years have contributed to transforming the female condition in society and encourage change through their actions but, above all, their words. Despite the different topics addressed, they are all engaged in social activism.

If you liked the Netflix series Bridgerton, then you can’t miss these movies.

Stories like the one told in Bridgerton are not new to the industry. In fact, there are some films, true masterpieces, that have a lot in common with the famous Netflix series. We are not just referring to the classic love story; in productions of this genre, the themes are indeed multiple and the meanings are much more articulated and profound than one might imagine.

6 Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

It’s been a while since March 8th! And, as every year during this day, we reflect on the figure of women and their role in society: how it has changed over the years, how women have managed to make their way in a world that was initially very chauvinistic and the relationship between women and men, especially in the professional and working world.

Schwa: a matterof inclusiveness

There are those who support its use and those who categorically exclude it from the Italian language. One thing, however, is certain: schwa and its use in spoken and written language are peridiocally returning to the center of public debate.