Aryanna Category: Year: With Aryanna, a leading company in knowledge management for Customer Care and Sales departments, we have revamped the website to strengthen its online presence and communicate more effectively with its customers. The new website, completely redesigned in terms of graphics and content, serves as an intuitive platform rich in useful information for […]

Noi non stiamo zitti

Noi non stiamo zitti Category: Year: The communication project “Noi Non Stiamo Zitti” fights against bullying and cyberbullying, offering support and raising awareness on this issue. The website represents the cornerstone of the project, a platform rich in information and useful resources. The strength of the project lies in the synergy between different components: industry […]


Dazme Category: Year: Dazme is a company with over 90 years of experience in the HR world. All this experience has been used to create a completely innovative project designed for companies and their employees. Dazme has indeed launched an application that allows companies to understand which elements are most important to their employees in […]


Neostrata Category: Year: Neostrata is an American brand of cosmetic products that offers advanced and clinically proven skincare solutions. The brand’s products are sold in Italy in pharmacies and online, mainly through the Gpdermal shop. Its social media communication strategy aims to engage the audience through a variety of informative, educational, and promotional content. One […]

Savasta Immobiliare

Savasta Immobiliare Category: Year: Savasta Immobiliare, a leading real estate agency in the Novara area, has benefited from a comprehensive communication strategy, both online and offline, to expand its presence and engage the audience. The online strategy focused on creating a territorial network through social media, offering informative, promotional, and entertaining content on Facebook and […]

The People Ahead & Behind

The People Ahead & Behind Category: Year: A project directly involving prominent activists in this field, focusing on often overlooked issues related to transgender individuals. The project in question is a fashion blog with a particular focus on the transgender community, often neglected. The blog covers all aspects of the fashion industry, from the most […]


Accesstotalent Category: Year: Access to talent is a company that connects professionals working in the creative field. This facilitates companies and workers in finding exactly the professional figure or other professionals they were looking for. We supported the brand in creating the brand image from scratch, defining the color palette, the logo, and then proceeding […]


Stonewall Category: Year: The Stonewall 50 logo represents a vibrant and colorful tribute to the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The logo design incorporates several significant elements. The rainbow flag, an iconic symbol of the LGBTQIA+ movement, dominates the composition with its fluid waves suggesting dynamism and movement. The number “50” is positioned at the […]

Milano Pride

Milano Pride Category: Year: The communication initiatives of Milano Pride in 2018 and 2019 aimed to support and promote the event by spreading its messages of love, inclusion, and acceptance. In the first year, the communication strategy involved social media content and brochures to provide details about Pride Square activities, encouraging direct audience engagement through […]

Company Coach Tax and Legal

Company Tax Coach and Legal Category: Year: Company Coach Tax and Legal is a commercial firm that stands out for its creativity and attention to human aspects in the field of tax and legal consulting. The company is committed to innovation and promoting sustainability, differentiating itself from the stereotypes of traditional commercial firms. Their website […]