Concilium Cosmetics



Concilium is a brand that creates face, body and hair products.

The brand started its activity with a basic product line, consisting of 4 different skincare references.

The brand then decided to expand its product range by including many new solutions not only for skincare, but also for body and hair care. The launch of the new references on the market was therefore supported by the creation of a new brand image consisting of new colors, new product packaging and a storytelling that told their effectiveness thanks to the perfect combination of natural ingredients and laboratory ingredients.

The website has been renewed to reflect the brand image and include new content, such as a 3D video for the presentation of the new products.

The social strategy has also been updated to reach a younger target, including different types of content that also involved the involvement of some important beauty influencers.

Finally, attention to the customer was also guaranteed through the implementation of a marketing automation strategy, through the creation of customer lists for setting up highly targeted automatic communication flows.

The marketing automation channel was also used for the creation and sending of promotional campaigns linked to seasonality or specific events.


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