Dazme is a company with over 90 years of experience in the HR world.

All this experience has been used to create a completely innovative project designed for companies and their employees. Dazme has indeed launched an application that allows companies to understand which elements are most important to their employees in carrying out their daily work activities.

Through periodic reports, companies thus have the opportunity to improve the lives of their employees in the workplace and achieve longer retention of the most qualified talents.
This completely innovative product was supported through the construction of a complete brand identity, starting from the creation of the logo and the choice of colors. At the center of this project is the data, or the product ultimately sold to the customer, and its use for making informed decisions. We have therefore used this element as the absolute protagonist for the construction of the website and for communication on social media.

The social media strategy involves the alternation of different types of content, from those more related to data to those more entertaining that create engagement and recognition of people in typical work situations that occur daily in all offices. The communication strategy adopted for social media involved various content variations based on the reference social platform.

Social Media