Fast Prime 3h



Ottica Barello, an exclusive optician in the heart of Milan, entrusted us with the communication of their new Fast Prime 3h service. This service involves the home delivery of contact lenses, prescription glasses, or sunglasses within three hours of ordering. The service is exclusively guaranteed through the use of “green” means such as bicycles.

The starting point involved creating a logo specifically dedicated to the new service, where sunglasses and a bicycle were clearly and effectively merged. The choice of color palette featured blue, light blue, and white, perfect for conveying the product’s quality and reliability.
To effectively communicate the new service offered by the company, we worked on a coherent and comprehensive communication strategy both online and offline.

Regarding offline communication, we created advertising banners placed on public transportation vehicles and additional promotional materials such as shopper bags and personalized t-shirts.

For online communication, through the use of social media, we highlighted the strengths of the new service, namely the respect for environmental sustainability and the speed of deliveries, through specific content. This integration between offline and online communication ensured greater visibility and awareness of the Fast Prime 3h service among the Milanese public.


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