Roberta Albanese



Roberta Albanese, a financial consultant, turned to us to strengthen her online presence through a comprehensive communication strategy aimed at reaching new potential clients interested in the financial services offered. The communication strategy began with defining a precise brand identity, through a targeted choice of colors and tone of voice.

We then enhanced the various communication channels available: starting with an analysis and research of relevant keywords for the target audience, we optimized the website texts and added two forms to collect new contacts interested in the services offered. Through these forms, new potential clients can receive a budgeting sheet and obtain a free initial consultation with the expert. All this is made possible through the use of specific support tools, foremost among them the use of a platform for marketing automation to manage specific communication flows.

On social media, communication included various types of content, all characterized by the transmission of a clear and well-defined identity that focuses on women and the importance of their economic independence, providing them with all the existing knowledge tools to help them in their emancipation and affirmation as professionals.
Sensitivity to themes of economic independence, environmental sustainability, and financial education guides the creation of social content designed to provide people with greater financial awareness.


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