Top 10 YouTube Formats of Recent Years

The first two decades of the 21st century have just come to an end, and it is undeniable that one of the main protagonists has been YouTube itself. With its channels and its content, it has made us pass the time, it has informed us and it has also made us learn something.

The first two decades of the 21st century have just come to an end, and it is undeniable that one of the main protagonists has been YouTube itself. With its channels and its content, it has made us pass the time, it has informed us and it has also made us learn something.

For this reason, we wanted to collect for you what we believe are the best formats of recent years.

1. Mattia Miraglio – Around the World

Mattia Miraglio is a travel blogger who in 2014 decided to embark on a round-the-world trip on foot. On his channel we find a great subjective view of what his journey on foot has been like, plus a little extra dedicated to the bicycle. No engines, no gasoline, just muscles and sweat.

It would be trivial to focus the entire enterprise on physical effort, and therefore we cannot help but notice the warmth and familiarity of his videos. It almost seems like you are there with him and the background of unexpected events, adventures and adventures that he offers, leads you to no longer want to see the classic video reports of the various world giants of YouTube between private jets and luxury class trips. We also recommend the channel of Nicolo Balini, a youtuber who shares trips to wonderful countries.

2. R.T Poop

It is as courageous as it is unusual to put a YouTube poops channel among the funniest but in this case it was truly unavoidable. Ytps are mainly born to bring a veil of nonsense in the very absence of content but RT poop exceeds all expectations by giving his videos compelling plots and revealing himself to be an author with a certain depth.

To create his works, he has spared characters of the caliber of Genny Salavastano, Alberto Angela, Nonno Libero, Harry Potter, Don Matteo and Wagner Moura in the role of Pablo Escobar and on his channel we can enjoy several adventures that bring all these great protagonists of our days in high esteem, as if to enhance them beyond their own identity as characters.

To watch the Poop Squad series and 00LA7 with Enrico Mentana in the role of the famous secret agent.

3. Elders React

The FBE channel offers us a format created specifically to highlight the generational gap created from the post-war period to the present day. The elderly people who lend themselves to this “experiment” are between 60 and 75 years old and find themselves having to comment on various elements in the field of cinema, music, video games and television.

The elements they are subjected to are not necessarily things that are far from them, just think of those elements that are already familiar to them such as the Beatles or simply their photos as young people. It is obvious that the more the elements analyzed are close to young people (see the reaction to Eminem, GTA, the Slipknot and the Happy tree friends) and the more the video is funny, just because we see the most hilarious reactions of the elderly dealing with something really distant from their youth culture.

To watch the reactions with virtual reality and the reaction to the “try not to be impressed” challenge.

4. Neurodrome

An Italian youtuber, probably from Lazio, even more probably from Rome. His videos are perfect for making you laugh and for making you feel better when you think you are disastrous people, because his main target is the “human cases”.

Flat-earthers, excited old people on Facebook, Satanists, religious fanatics, ufologists, vegans and “pancine” are not spared even a bit. Neurodrome comments and shares screenshots of all kinds, from sad vegan recipes to the stories of “reborn” moms, obviously in a totally anonymous way, preserving his privacy even in the light of the aggressiveness and hostility of the elements that he often targets.

To watch the entire saga against “Dino Tinelli”, a recent flat-earther who tries to deny the scientific evidence that Neurodrome uses as content. The epilogue hides an exhilarating surprise, the revelation, almost an easter egg: Neurodrome admits he is not Roman but Sicilian, admits he is a Freemason and is on the payroll of NASA, a bit to troll the flat-earthers, a bit to give a smile to his subscribers. If you feel stupid, take a look at his channel, he will make you understand without remorse that there really is worse.

5. Annunci Lolli

Annunci Lolli is an off-topic column created by the PLAYERINSIDE duo, a couple of Sicilian guys who have now become an authority in the field of video games. In their channel they mainly talk about video games, tell curiosities, show unboxings, chat about retrogaming, report on trips with fans, and even find the space and time to announce news and updates.

Many of you will have wondered what announcements have to do with this. Since the video game market is very lively when it comes to used games, the idea of sharing all the grammatical nonsense and keyboard errors undoubtedly grew spontaneously, as the web is a goldmine of poorly written ads.

Simply hilarious. They not only manage to find the worst situations, but they also manage to offer a personal and extremely entertaining interpretation of all the material they collect.

6. Kids Meet

Children are always a vehicle for truth, and this is an element that the Hi ho Kids channel is working hard on. Who better than children to do video reactions? In Kids Meet, several children between the ages of 6 and 13 offer their opinions and reactions on camera, interacting with different people.

Each person has a different story, and this leads the format’s food to address a long series of nuances that range from tragedy to fun, passing through the bizarre. The children confront a drag queen, a burn survivor, a bodybuilder, a magician, a contortionist, a suicide survivor, a single mother, a policeman, a robber, and many others. The topics, the reactions, and the dialogues that are generally derived from them make us notice once again how children are often more objectively rational than adults.


For most users worldwide, this character needs no introduction. Directly from the Cinemassacre channel, we have the honor of talking to you about one of the first YouTubers ever, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Initially born as “Nintendo” Nerd, Avgn is played and created by the American James Rolfe, directly in the basement of his home.

Avgn offers a complete overview of what video games have been in history and everything that is considered retrogaming but with a peculiarity that makes it unique among its many YouTube colleagues: criticism.

For once we are not faced with the classic badly aged nostalgic who grumbles out of place and tells us how much better games were before. In a completely new, yet severe and fair way, Avgn makes us notice above all the scam that was hidden behind a primitive video game technology, sold at very high prices and without the slightest guarantee of fun.

Do you miss certain games? Do you feel the need to relive the days spent on the oldest platforms? James Rolfe is ready to change your mind with his AVGN.

Also worth watching is the “Board James” format where Rolfe himself reviews old but legendary board games.

8. Casa.it

Few people don’t know the friendly old lady on the casa.it channel. With this choice, casa.it has shown a vein of irony that no one expected. It is always very difficult to entertain users who watch your videos if there is something serious behind it like the real estate sector, but with this off-topic, casa.it has hit the mark.

In the videos we find an elderly lady who lends herself to giving advice and tips for an easy life, both inside and outside the kitchen. The total peculiarity stems above all from the fact that the aforementioned lady speaks like a high school student.

To the sound of “hey zii” and “siete dei babbi”, the friendly interpreter gives us a smile while leaving us with very useful tricks.

9. Giochi Brutti

The “Parliamo di videogiochi” channel offers us a wide list of quality content. Starting with the legendary Creepy Games, a format that follows the old creepy pasta horror legends in a video game sauce, up to Giochi WTF, a column entirely focused on games completely devoid of meaning and logic.

The flagship of this channel is undoubtedly Giochi Brutti, a huge collection of unplayable or at least failed video games. Many malicious and bad faith users will surely have interpreted it as an Italian version of James Rolfe, but by carefully analyzing the content, we will notice that it is a completely different universe.

While James Rolfe with his AVGN wants to retrace the flaws and obstacles of games widely distributed and with considerable commercial success (enough to have their own fanbases), Fraws in Giochi Brutti focuses on failed, amateur, desperate and even exasperated titles.

To watch the review of “Pizza Dude”, “Patriots” and “Sim Train”. Abstain from the faint of heart.

10. Food Emperor

Talking about cooking on YouTube is always a bit cliché, but I assure you that the word “cliché” is the last one that would come to mind after a visit to the Food Emperor channel. The channel is run by a kind of Swedish master chef who speaks several languages and has chosen to show only his hands, probably to avoid the classic complications caused by excessive fame. Everything he prepares in each episode has something grand about it, alternating tricks worthy of haute cuisine with home-cooked tricks.

Everyone will think that YouTube is full of phenomenal chefs. The peculiarity of Food Emperor lies in his way of speaking. Crude, uncouth, vulgar, ambiguous, but also delightfully confidential. As distasteful as his speech may be, it serves to make you feel like you’re in the kitchen with him when you watch one of his videos, as if you’re about to prepare dinner with friends. Don’t try to point out his grammatical errors in Italian in the comments because you will only get a response like: “What f*** want, I don’t speak Italian, I’m an undocumented foreigner, I’m Zwedish”. Among other things, you should definitely listen to his song titled “Ogni tanto qwaggolo”.

BONUS: How to basics

Nothing to say, I would ruin the surprise for you. Just know that not everything has to make sense in this world, let alone on YouTube.